Maujha: A mindful startup


Talking to a ZENtrepreneur

By Georgia Kirilova


How do you deal with stress as a student or as a young professional? How do you live a healthy and balanced life in the frantic circus of modern society?
How do you achieve mindfulness? Meet Sabrina…

Why you should read this

One hour is all I needed on a warm November Friday with Sabrina, founder and mindfulness teacher at Maujha. One hour in which I realized what stress could do to me, my body and my mind. One hour in which I learned to live in the present moment— not just on weekends, but every day.

It will take you less than an hour to read this article but be ready – just like my initial conversation with Sabrina— it might change your whole perspective on life.

So, take a deep breath and exhale…


How the idea came to life

During her exchange in Australia, while surfing the waves, Sabrina realized the power of mindfulness.


“When it’s only you and the waves, you have to be constantly in the moment in order to achieve something. Surfing is a natural way to become mindful.”

This is what changed the perspective of Sabrina’s world in less than 5 minutes. She understood that you can have good waves and bad waves in life, but this does not change who you are. You just have to keep surfing.

We have to understand the power of mind”, she said to me.

This is exactly what Sabrina decided to start doing after Australia. She started bridging the gap between theoretical and practical knowledge dealing with ourselves. Because if we can control ourselves, we can control our ability to achieve anything. 

The determination to start

To start her business, Sabrina had to learn how to train the human brain, how to deal with stress and anxiety, how to be more confident and how to prevent burn-out effects. After mastering these skills, she developed a strategy on how to teach other people these techniques and was now determined to get started. She was ready to achieve her dream.

So, what does she do exactly?

Sabrina organizes an 8-Week Mindful Millenial workshop that aims to teach different techniques of mindfulness meditation. These workshops allow students and young professionals to deal with the stress connected with student or work life, general insecurities as well as the dreaded fear of missing out. 


Lessons learned after one year

A lot can be learned in a year, but the most important thing that Sabrina shared with me was to never give up on your ideas. Even if they may sometimes sound funny, never be ashamed.

Happiness can only exist next to sadness. Life comes in all colors and it will not always be pink and beautiful. Only after people understand that, will they be able to enjoy it to its fullness.

Sabrina tries to teach people how to control their brain in dark situations that seem helpless at first.  She knows from experience that there is always a way to feel better after a bad day, week, month or even year.  Understanding this is the key to living a better life.

It’s the path to making the right decisions, dealing with negativity and making the best out of every moment. She teaches to embrace the bad emotions to achieve happiness and most importantly to be kind to yourself.

“Mindfulness requires self-acceptance and self-love.”

What you dream for the future

Sabrina dreams of reaching as many people as possible by raising awareness about the power of the human brain and teaching people how to expand their mindfulness.

She believes that if you are truly good at something, you can get wherever you want, no matter what. Just be brave enough to believe in yourself.