Marketing Director

"Marketing’s job is never done. It’s about perpetual motion. We must continue to innovate every day"

Marketing Director

Always been the one to think differently? Are you eager to bolster the ECE Students’ brand?
Then expand your creative-, managerial-, and strategic skills by applying to become our next Marketing Director! Aside managing the marketing committee, your tasks will include the formulation and implementation of all marketing campaigns in our events portfolio, the promotion of ECE Students’ inspiring and fun community, as well as the creation of forward-thinking, new content for ECE Students’ various Social Media channels. As you will be leading the biggest committee of ECE Students, it is important that you have the enthusiasm and spirit to keep your team motivated and help them succeed to their fullest potential.

As Marketing Director, you will…
  • Lead the strategic marketing direction and implementation of the whole organization;
  • Be responsible for the (brand) image of ECE Students at Erasmus University Rotterdam and beyond;
  • Coordinate the think, design, launch and lead operational Marketing Campaigns to nurture Sales pipeline;
  • Manage the communication & marketing strategy based on our strategic roadmap and define marketing communication objectives;
  • Follow up and analyse communication, marketing and sales USPs;
  • Media and marketing mix optimization / Provide input on creative advertising and media plans;
  • Supervise and manage a team of creative talents.
You are…
  • A strategic thinker with a creative mindset;
  • Humble yet confident, with high self-awareness;
  • Extremely detailed and process oriented, balancing short-term and long-term needs;
  • Able to manage working teams up as well as down and sideways, and across multiple committees;
  • Someone who is extremely communicative, always;
  • Able to recognize when things need to change and don’t always stick to the old and trusted ways;
  • Someone with an eye for detail but are able to prioritize things to benefit long term needs of the organization related to brand image;
  • Highly independent and have the courage to make unpopular decisions when necessary.

Want to learn more about what it’s like to be Marketing Director of ECE Students? Keep reading to find out what Veronica has to say about her experience!

"I’ve made too many memes this year…"

My greatest opportunity this year
The greatest opportunity for me was learning to work within an independent student-led team and experiencing how it is to run an association with so many students.

The greatest obstacle I’ve tackled
The greatest obstacle for me was balancing the expectations of the board along with guiding a team of 6 committee members through the year. Since the COVID-19 pandemic has lasted longer than initially anticipated it was quite a challenge to keep everyone’s motivation up.

Best thing about my position
The fact that I get to work with every single team and on every single project.

Biggest learning lesson of the year
Most of all I learned how to put my foot down on certain issues. There are situations when opinions will diverge and attempting to reach a perfect compromise is both time consuming and does not lead to the best outcome. I had to trust my own intuition based on past experiences, and make a decision in order to speed up the process and in the interest of efficiency.

What makes ECE Students unique
The opportunity to try out some new and put into practice ideas that other associations on campus would shy away from. I would like to think that ECE manages to stay true to its original intention of fostering an entrepreneurial mindset, by encouraging both students within and outside the organization to take creative risks.

Interested in a Board year at ECE Students?

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Interested in knowing more?

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