Ecosystem Manager

"One of the marvelous things about community is that it enables us to welcome and help people in a way we couldn't as individuals"

Ecosystem Manager

As the Ecosystem Manager at ECE Students, you will play a pivotal role in fostering connections and collaboration within the entrepreneurial community at Erasmus University Rotterdam. You will manage a networking platform aimed at facilitating connections among entrepreneurs for collaboration. Thirdly, you will lead comprehensive research initiatives focused on mapping the entrepreneurial landscape within the university.

Hours per week: +/- 10 (can be more or less depending on the time of the year)

Required experience: None

Favourable qualifications:

  • Previous community development experience
  • Excellent communication skills

Length of Board year: 1 academic year (August 1st, 2024 – June 31st, 2025)

Application Deadline: 14/05/2024, 23:59

Key Responsibilities:
  • Conduct research on the entrepreneurial ecosystem at Erasmus University Rotterdam and create research briefs detailing findings and recommendations.
    • Identifying student startups and founders on campus, their industries, their stages of development and challenges they are facing.
    • Identifying gaps, and opportunities for improvement within the EUR Ecosystem.
    • Collaborate with relevant departments within the university on student entrepreneurship initiatives, programs, and resources available.
  • Managing a networking platform and database facilitating connections among entrepreneurs for collaboration, mutual assistance, and idea development.
  • Connect student founders with the Dutch entrepreneurial ecosystem by establishing partnerships with local entrepreneurs, incubators and accelerators, and startup support programs.
  • Organise biweekly networking events for student founders to connect, share insights, and support each other in their entrepreneurial ventures.
  • Provide guidance and resources to student founders, including mentorship opportunities, workshops, and access to funding opportunities.
  • Collect feedback from student founders, community members, to continuously improve and adapt the services and support offered by ECE Students.
  • Previous experience in entrepreneurship, startup ecosystem development, or community management is preferred.
  • Strong communication and networking skills, with the ability to build and maintain relationships with diverse stakeholders.
  • Self-motivated and proactive with the ability to work independently and as part of a team.
  • Organisational and project management skills, with the ability to manage multiple priorities and deadlines effectively.
  • Passion for fostering innovation and entrepreneurship among students and contributing to the growth of the entrepreneurial community at Erasmus University Rotterdam.

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