"To lead people, walk behind Them"

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Are you an outstanding leader? Can you solve complex problems of scale and drive change across a diverse team of 60+ students? Are you excited to join Erasmus University Rotterdam’s official entrepreneurial study association, ECE Students?

We are currently looking for ECE Students’ next President, who will lead and coordinate his/her fellow Board members as well as ECE Students’ expanding Active Members-, and Shadow communities. You will become our association’s key representative and the link between the next generation of Board-, and Active Members. You will connect and engage our multidisciplinary teams to assure the proper execution of the organization’s program schedule for the forthcoming academic year. Moreover, while working closely with your fellow Board members, you will implement those strategic decisions that will improve and drive ECE Students in the long-term.  

As President, you will…

  • Be the leader and key representative of the Erasmus University Rotterdam’s official entrepreneurial study association, ECE Students in the upcoming academic year;
  • Be involved in the sales processes of finding sponsors and the political work of positioning the organization among the various interests of its stakeholders;
  • Directly supervise and coordinate the work of your fellow Board members;
  • Oversee the work of ECE Students’ Active Members-, and Shadow communities;
  • Steer the organization to the right direction – let it be in terms of day-to-day operations or bigger decisions;
  • Continuously refine the ECE Students strategy around programming, acquisitions matters to optimize our resources for participant success, retention, and expansion;
  • Be the driving force behind our team’s motivation and help them exceed their potential.

You are…

  • A strategic thinker focused on execution: someone who’s able to roll up the sleeves to get things done;
  • Humble yet confident, with high self-awareness;
  • Experimental, ready to learn and open to change;
  • Someone with good cultural-, and organizational sensitivity;
  • Extremely detailed and process oriented, balancing short-term and long-term needs;
  • Someone with outstanding project management skills, ability to work cross-functionally and outside the organization, and have a track record of achieving the results expected;
  • Result and strategy-driven: you understand how to measure and monitor results to move key metrics in the right direction;
  • Someone, who thrives in fast-paced environments, where initiatives are fluid and require constant prioritization;
  • NOT someone with a 9 to 5 mentality.

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    Julia’s Board Experience


    My favorite moment of the year
    I have two. One was our Recruitment Drinks in October, right after we finalized the recruitment of this year’s Active Members. I remember sitting outside and looking over the 40 something people that decided to join our spontaneous drinks that evening and thinking how proud I am of our Board team to have pulled off recruitment and for selecting 60+ incredible members that we are now responsible for. It was a one-of-a-kind feeling!

    The other one was in December when we received the email about a very important grant decision, stating that the grant was received. It was at the time when everyone was already on Holidays, so I remember jumping around like a kid at in my parents’ living room.

    The biggest insecurity I have tackled
    Gaining confidence. An important part of my role is to make the right decisions, and to make them at the right time. This year taught me to gain confidence and trust my decisions, while listening to others constructively.  

    My greatest opportunity this year
    To coordinate those projects that – when granted – helped us to strengthen ECE Students’ overall financial stability.

    The greatest obstacle I’ve tackled
    To effectively bring together seven other Board members and our Active Members’ community, all with very different personalities, competencies, and ways-of-working.

    Biggest thing I’m thankful for
    Our teamwork! The success of any organization, and especially our organization runs in parallel to the cohesiveness and creativity of its members. As this year progressed, I was able to witness countless situations, where teamwork was the quality that defined our success.

    My favorite event
    All our previous events! I’m very proud to have been a part of all events organized thus far, and looking forward the rest of our Board year and to see more awesome events realized by our community!