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Better education for students, by students

Students-for-Students (S4S) stimulates and facilitates students’ projects which contribute to improving the quality of education for students. S4S is funded by government resources, which are freed up by the abolition of the Dutch basic student grant (“basisbeurs”) and are now transferred directly to the universities to invest in the improvement of education. By enabling students to contribute to the improvement of their education, S4S brings these resources back to the students.

ECE Students aim to provide the entrepreneurial students of the EUR Campus any tools and resources they would need to establish their own venture, with the support and guidance of Students-For-Students. Their partnership has proven valuable to us, enabling us to have the opportunity to develop ourselves as a young association and take our events to the next level. Making use of the campus facilities has never been easier, and we cannot wait to see where this partnership will take us this year.