Student Founders Programme

Ever thought about starting your own enterprise, but didn’t know where to start? Apply for the Student Founders Programme! The Student Founders Programme, or SFP for short, is an immersive 10-week programme with workshops and networking sessions with some of the biggest names in the startup scene. You’ll get the chance to emerge yourself in startup culture and begin your entrepreneurial journey. The programme consists of 10 distinct sessions that each cover a specific aspect of starting and running your startup, all the way from idea generation to pitching to potential investors, covering marketing, external relations and legal aspects along the way.


Here’s an overview of all the sessions you will join if you sign up.

Pillar I: Initiation

  • 1. Idea generation
    • Let’s get started! In the first session you’ll learn about the Dutch start-up ecosystem and new business trends. By the end of the session you’ll have a stack of ideas to think about.
  • 2. Idea validation
    • In the week after you’ll explore if your idea is fit for business and find your own niche in the market.
  • 3. Team creation & leadership
    • Now that you know what to build, you need to know who to build with. You’ll learn a practical, systematic and research-backed approach to team collaboration from respected analysts in the field.

Pillar II: Growth development

  • 4. Marketing I
    • Another critical factor in startup success is your marketing strategy. Learn battle-tested marketing techniques from marketers who work for major multinational companies, and apply them in your business.
  • 5. Marketing II
    • In a startup, cash is in short supply. Experienced entrepreneurs will teach you how to create and execute the perfect digital marketing campaign on a shoestring budget and make the most of your personal brand.
  • 6. Administration & Legal
    • You now have an idea, a team, and a marketing strategy – time to focus on the administrative steps that come with setting up shop, with a practical crash-course on legal status, patents, brand protection and accounting from Chamber of Commerce officials.
  • 7. External relations
    • Finding new partners, funds, expertise, and visibility is crucial to surviving in a competitive market. Your success in these areas will depend on your business’s ability to develop and cultivate external relations, which is why we’ll invite experts in networking and negotiation to teach you the tricks of the trade.

Pillar III: Survival

  • 8. Dealing with fuckups
    • Running a startup is not always sunshine and roses. Put yourself in the shoes of a founder during a crisis! In this session, you will explore and solve real-life cases of startup founders who had to overcome challenging situations in their businesses.
  • 9. Acquiring funds
    • After you have validated your idea, launched your business, run your first marketing campaigns and have your first customers, now is the time to think bigger. How do you find funding? What even is a venture capitalist? How can you work with them?
  • 10. Idea pitching
    • In the final session, you will pitch your business and the progress you made during the program to a crowd of potential co-founders, investors and startup journalists.

What if I still have questions?
You can send an email to agastya@ecestudents.nl and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible!