Events Committee

The Committee

Do you often find yourself bored in lectures, daydreaming about ways that they could be more interesting and engaging? For instance, a lecture in a bar? Are you creative with an interest in fun and unorthodox approaches to learning? If this sounds anything like you, then IdeaLab is the perfect place for you.

Work to bring minds together in a new take on lecture talks by creating informal, participative platforms between entrepreneurs and students. In this committee, you’ll be organising around 4-6 events. Each event focuses on a specific startup, in which speakers are invited to educate students through an interactive and informal style of the committee’s choice. After all, ideas are best told through stories – as part of this committee, you’d be responsible for organising innovative and entertaining ways for entrepreneurs to tell the stories of how they began.

Furthermore, you will also be responsible for organizing multiple smaller-scale events throughout the year such as enthralling workshops and training opportunities for students. You will also be in contact with various companies to accommodate special events such as in-house days. However, that is not all! You will also take charge of some collaborations between ECE Students and other associations, to oversee progress and ensure that it is carried out in a systematic yet efficient manner. As you can tell, a day working at this committee is always filled with differing interesting and challenging tasks. No two days at the event committee can be the same!

Available Positions

  • Chairperson
  • Project Manager

Position Descriptions

"Organise innovative and entertaining ways for entrepreneurs to share their stories!"