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Who are we?

Since its establishment in 2013, ECE Students has grown to become the largest entrepreneurial student association of Erasmus University Rotterdam (EUR). We continue to contribute to the dynamic and ever-changing startup ecosystem of Rotterdam, all the while supporting entrepreneurial-minded students in their academic and professional journeys. With both our horizontal organisational structure – and frankly eccentric culture – we give our active member community the freedom and liberty to create and inspire their own events. This creates a multitude of learning opportunities as active members gain unique networking and event management skills. ECE Students is a platform by students, for students. And the purpose of it all? To provide the right tools and resources for the brilliant entrepreneurial minds we know are all across EUR. 

We at ECE Students are ready to Power What’s Next. 

Are you ready? Because we sure are.

Cailin Greiner
President of the ECE Students Board 2019-2020

Latest events

SpaceTech: Launch Your Career

On June 6th ECE Students will host its annual IdeaLab focused on Space Startups & Innovators from the Space Business Innovation Centre Noordwijk (SBIC): an European Space Agency Incubator.

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Who’s in Control? Dilemmas of the Digital Age

Dilemmas of the Digital Age is a panel discussion event focused on the exploration of various perspectives on the topics of IP ownership and GDPR issues in today’s world.

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Hamburg is the second biggest port of Europe and a huge startup ecosystem. This 2-day trip will combine company visits, cultural activities and an unforgettable partying with an amazing group of students!

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