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Who are we?

Since its establishment in 2013, ECE Students has grown to be the largest entrepreneurial student association of Erasmus University Rotterdam (EUR), while seeking to contribute to a true culture of innovation and entrepreneurship in the city of Rotterdam. Leaving behind old, cumbersome association structures – and with the support of our alumni and current active members – we created a modern and transparent association in aim to provide the right tools and resources for the entrepreneurial-minded across campus.

In terms of numbers, not only has ECE Students managed to capture an increasing number of active members over its years of existence, but organized a wide range of events for over 600 young professionals across and beyond Erasmus University Rotterdam – including two independently organized signature events, each with over 150 attendees. An example is our annual study trip to START Summit – leading student-led conference for innovation and entrepreneurship – where we had the largest association-led delegation within the Erasmus University Rotterdam in 2018.

We provide all the resources — coaching, network, working space — to help anyone bring their ideas into the real world. Do you feel ready? Because we are.

Julia Lovas
President of the ECE Students Board in 2018-2019

Latest events

SpaceTech: Launch Your Career

On June 6th ECE Students will host its annual IdeaLab focused on Space Startups & Innovators from the Space Business Innovation Centre Noordwijk (SBIC): an European Space Agency Incubator.

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Who’s in Control? Dilemmas of the Digital Age

Dilemmas of the Digital Age is a panel discussion event focused on the exploration of various perspectives on the topics of IP ownership and GDPR issues in today’s world.

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Hamburg is the second biggest port of Europe and a huge startup ecosystem. This 2-day trip will combine company visits, cultural activities and an unforgettable partying with an amazing group of students!

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