"Money makes the world go round"

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As our Treasurer, you will be involved in all of the organization’s activities. You will work closely with your fellow board members and all the committees to ensure things run smoothly and decided how to spend money most efficiently. You are the main point of contact within and outside the association for operational matters and ultimate decision-making related to finance. Together with the President you will be actively shaping the overall future of the association, and get to pick which fun things to spend money on offcourse!

Next to your financial responsibilities you will be able to work on any projects you are passionate about for the association. You will be able to experiment with new initiatives and strategically progress existing ones. You will also be involved in any non committee specific stuff together with the President and Vice President. Furthermore you will work with you External Relations Directors a lot to ensure you have enough resources to realize the projects.

Last but not least you will of course be a committee supervisor. Board wouldn’t be fun without working on a daily basis with a committee towards your own project. Which committee you supervise varies per year though.

In conclusion being Treasurer is the perfect balance between real-life financial management, strategic management and lots of fun.

As Treasurer, you will…

  • Optimize and coordinate ECE Students’ financial roadmap;
  • Identify bottlenecks in the areas of Treasury and Asset Management, strategic policy and developments and/or problems in the association’s financial landscape;
  • Ensure accurate cash flow management in good coordination with the Board and our Active Members’ community;
  • Draft internal and external department reports and coordinate the preparation of financial grants of ECE Students;
  • Coordinate internal and outsourced financial management;
  • Take care of daily financial matters that helps the association operate smoothly.

You are…

  • A highly reliable individual, who commits to deadlines;
  • An exceptional communicator, who can easily transfer his/her insights and advice to others;
  • Someone who’s not afraid to make decisions if needed;
  • Someone with highly developed analytical skills;
  • Someone with above-average knowledge and experience with Excel;
  • Someone who has a feeling for sustainable asset management;
  • Someone with the affinity towards financial markets and asset management;
  • NOT someone with a 9 to 5 mentality.

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    Tim’s Board Experience


    My favourite moment of the year
    Definitely any 24-hour events we do. There goes so much effort in such an event, so many people involved and it really challenges you. It really shows a level of effort, creativity and community you don’t find anywhere else.

    My greatest opportunity this year
    As Treasurer you have a great balance between position specific tasks and “free” board time. This means that I get to spend a lot of time on projects I love the most and have the freedom to work experiment with new stuff for the future. Also as Treasurer you have a lot of responsibilities but are also very independent, so if you do well you can really mature the organisation’s finances and pick cool things to spend money on.

    My favorite event
    24 Hour Business Game 100%!

    My biggest learning lesson of the year
    Everybody always says they like working in a diverse team. But I never met a community with this many talented people with different skillsets. Also in our events we try to attract students from different universities a lot. It really gave me more insight how to deal with passionate people with very different views.

    What makes us unique?
    Freedom! ECE Students really allows you to achieve anything you want. If you have a great initiative go for it! Everyone will support you in this and help out. Our community is also very transparent so you can always stay up to date with everyone’s progress. This all has a downside as well though: If you aren’t motivated nothing will get done. That is why ECE Students truly teaches you how people and teams work.