"Money makes the world go round"


As our Treasurer, you will be involved in all of the organization’s activities. You will work closely with your fellow board members and all the committees to ensure things run smoothly and decided how to spend money most efficiently. You are the main point of contact within and outside the association for operational matters and ultimate decision-making related to finance. Together with the President you will be actively shaping the overall future of the association, and get to pick which fun things to spend money on!

Next to your financial responsibilities you will be able to work on any projects you are passionate about for the association. You will be able to experiment with new initiatives and strategically progress existing ones. Furthermore you will work with you External Relations Directors a lot to ensure you have enough resources to realize the projects.

As Treasurer, you will…
  • Optimize and coordinate ECE Students’ financial roadmap;
  • Identify bottlenecks in the areas of Treasury and Asset Management, strategic policy and developments and/or problems in the association’s financial landscape;
  • Ensure accurate cash flow management in good coordination with the Board and our Active Members’ community;
  • Draft internal and external department reports and coordinate the preparation of financial grants of ECE Students;
  • Coordinate internal and outsourced financial management;
  • Take care of daily financial matters that helps the association operate smoothly.
You are…
  • A highly reliable individual, who commits to deadlines;
  • An exceptional communicator, who can easily transfer his/her insights and advice to others;
  • Someone who’s not afraid to make decisions if needed;
  • Someone with highly developed analytical skills;
  • Someone with above-average knowledge and experience with Excel;
  • Someone who has a feeling for sustainable asset management;
  • Someone with the affinity towards financial markets and asset management;
  • NOT someone with a 9 to 5 mentality.

Want to learn more about what it’s like to be Treasurer of ECE Students? Keep reading to find out what Bas has to say about his experience!

"Finding various funding possibilities"

Greatest Opportunity
Interacting with students who have an original idea for a business or product and seeing them taking steps through our association or related sister organisations towards realising this idea.

Greatest Challenge
Finding various funding possibilities for a relatively young (but striving!) association.

Favourite Moment of the Year
Launching the CleanTech Challenge in collaboration with the entrepreneurial students of Delft.

Interested in a Board year at ECE Students?

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Interested in knowing more?

In case you’d like to get a more rounded view on our association and a Board year, don’t hesitate to reach out to us! We are always up for a coffee around campus/in town and happy to answer your remaining questions.