Marketing Committee

About the Marketing Committee

Do you enjoy coming up with creative content? Perhaps you are more of a graphic designer. Whether you prefer taking photos, designing innovative marketing campaigns, or managing socials like a pro. Marketing Committee is for you!


Hours per week: +/- 5 (can be more or less depending on the time of the year)

Required experience: None

Advantages: Any experience with marketing or entrepreneurship-related work

Available positions: Social media manager (1x), content creator (1x), BIG 3 (3x)

Length of committee membership: 1 academic year (October 1st, 2022 – June 31st, 2023)


What you’ll be doing on the marketing committee…?

  • Manage the promotion of all on and off-campus events by using several resources (Campus Screens..)
  • Coordinate with other committees to handle their marketing proposals effectively.
  • Create original content for Instagram (Sheep with sign, ECE Students) and LinkedIn, your take to use and design a strategy for another app!
  • Design the medium and short-term marketing strategy.


What are the specific tasks for each avaliable position…?

  • Social media manager (1x)

In charge of the different social media channels, Instagram, Linkedin, new ones…The main task is to keep it active and fresh.

  • Content creator (1x)

Designing, creating and coming up with original content for our social media (such as podcasts, reels series, any possibilities are up to you!)

  • BIG 3

This is a team that will collaborate on creating posts, and stories, design the marketing of events from scratch and create an identity for them. The team includes:

Graphic Designer/Art Director (2x)
Coming up with merch designs, original drawings or designs for Instagram Posts, designing banners and creating an identity for the events throughout the year.
Copy (1x)
The person in charge of complementing these posts and designs by writing the captions, and descriptions, deciding what to put and where in the design as a whole, looking for fonts, colour palette, elements distribution and so on, basically a texting magician).

Available positions

Social media manager (1x)

Content creator (1x)

BIG 3 (3x)

Brian CheskyCo-Founder & CEO, Airbnb

"Build something 100 people love, not something 1 million people kind of like."