Who’s in Control? Dilemmas of the Digital Age

Dilemmas of the Digital Age is a panel discussion event focused on the exploration of various perspectives on the topics of IP ownership and GDPR issues in today’s world.

PANEL DISCUSSION 1: IP Rights and Student Entrepreneurship
How can you protect your digital inventions with protection rights, such as copyright, patents and trademarks, and what kind of protection right might fit your business model? How can you check on your competitors, your technology field or your main markets in freely available databases or with the help of professionals? Ask all the questions about intellectual property protection you always wanted to know.

PANEL DISCUSSION 2: GDPR and Data Capitalization
What is our data really used for? Where do we draw the line between customer rights and data capitalization? By analyzing the impact and relative importance of the recent GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation), we will discuss whether this new regulation is enough to protect our privacy, in an attempt to redefine this concept.


Deadline to sign up: 26th of May, 23:59!

Ticket price €5.