Social Entrepreneurship Masterclass

Social Entrepreneurship Masterclass

The Committee

Do you possess an altruistic mindset? Do you want to make a true social impact? If so, join the Social Entrepreneurship Masterclass (SEM) committee!

The Social Entrepreneurship Masterclass is our accelerator for social innovations. This is where you combine entrepreneurship and your inner drive to solve social issues to increase the standard of living around the world. The overall timespan of SEM is 1 to 2 weeks. The event starts off with a grand Kick-Off, consisting of speeches given by inspiring Social Entrepreneurs, social drinks, and networking. The Kick-Off is followed by two workshops which serve the purpose of ideation, and the development of the participants’ social enterprises. The event ultimately concludes in a final competition, where participants can dive into the intricacies of their idea-implementation with the help of mentors from established impact-led ventures. 

Do you want to organize ECE Students’ most impact-driven event series?

Available Positions

  • Chairperson
  • External Relations Director
  • Event Manager
  • Event and Brand Manager

Position Descriptions
Sarah StabellChairman of SEM Committee 18/19

"Being part of ECE was exciting for many reasons, but particularly because of the community and what you learn on the way. It allows you to take on new challenges and be creative in an inclusive and innovative environment, with a great diversity of people."