24 Hour Business Game

The Committee

Last year, 24HBG showed you Business. Never. Sleeps. Are you awake for the challenge?

If you find yourself exceeding in time-pressured situations or interested in creative event management, consider joining the 2020 24 Hour Business Game. As a member of the 24HBG committee, you’ll need both time management and ambition to guarantee this event’s success. The 24 Hour Business Game is organized with the objective to provide the most inspirational startup experience in just 24 hours. Throughout this full-day (and full-night) event, students build a startup with advice from a wide range of professionals through coaching sessions and workshops, covering topics like innovative product design, growth hacking, lean startup methodology and much more! In this committee, your aim is to provide the resources and knowledge to build a successful startup idea and pitch it against fierce competition. Students in this committee will organize the 24HBG by inviting experts, obtaining partnerships and most importantly – inspiring students to participate in the ‘game’.

As a future committee member, you will have the opportunity to bring one of ECE Students’ largest signature events to life.

Available Positions

  • Chairperson
  • External Relations Director
  • Event Manager
  • Event and Brand Manager

Position Descriptions
Léopold GrangerChairman of 24HBG Committee 18/19

"It’s really interesting to be confronted with many responsibilities which have real life consequences. You work with smart people, they make it worth it."