Our Events

Erasmus Start-It-Up #3

Come and learn more about the world of entrepreneurship and find your future co-founder!


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Entering Smart Cities

Learn about the importance of smart cities and the upcoming developments in Rotterdam

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24-Hour Business Game

A 24-hour pressure-cooker, where you and your team are tasked with formulating a strong and implementable business idea.

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Student Founders Programme

Always wanted to launch a business? Always had that one idea but never went through with it? It is time to stop your procrastination, join the Student Founders Programme now!


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CleanTech Challenge

Will you be the pioneer of Clean Technology?

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Past Events

IdeaLab: Social Entrepreneurship

Together with Enactus, we will talk about the importance of social entrepreneurship in our world.

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Erasmus Start-It-Up #1

In collaboration with O2Lab, this workshop will introduce you to the amazing world of entrepreneurship!

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Innovation Challenge SVM

Learn more about the world of online shopping and create sustainable solutions for product packaging!

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