Rotterdam x Delft Committee

The Committee

Have you always wanted to build bridges? Do you like to meet new people, even from another city? Do you have an interest in entrepreneurship, even being a pioneer? Then this brand-new committee is for you! This committee unites the business talents from Rotterdam with the techy talents from Delft. Talents United is the new platform where it all happens. Together with committee members from both cities, you will build the bridge. When the best of both is combined, who knows how many new startups will arise? You will be the place where students from Rotterdam and Delft become entrepreneurs, united!

As a member of this committee, you will have a special opportunity to improve your entrepreneurial mindset! By working on Talents United, you will have a direct connection to the creative minds of entrepreneurs throughout the Netherlands!

Available positions: 3x Project manager, 1x Business developer

Length of Committee Membership: 1 academic year
Required experience: none


  • Organizing entrepreneurial, technological, and networking events in a broad context, ensuring to cover a plethora of topics that interest most students. 
  • Finding ways to build student teams that combine technology and business-driven mindsets in one place.
  • Constructing an event(s) targeted towards EUR and TU Delft students.
  • Contributing to the CleanTech Challenge and Smart Cities, which are annual events hosted by YES!Delft Students and ECE Students.
  • Working on the Talents United website, answering questions sent by students, and using data analytics to see where interests lie.
  • Connecting students through talks, expert panels, and networking events throughout the academic year. 
  • What else? It is up to you! As this is a brand-new committee, there is a lot of room to pioneer this committee, to produce fresh ideas and to be at the forefront of Talents United!

Workload: 5 hours per week (can increase depending on the event)

Marie MinderjahnChairman of IC Committee 18/19

"ECE Students is a collaborative platform of creative, inspiring minds. For me, it was a starting point to realize my ideas, balance my academic life with fun activities and work towards creating an innovative mindset for corporates, students and the committee."