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Innovation Challenge

The Innovation Challenge (IC) is where we bring talented, aspiring intrapreneurs together with corporates to tackle business cases featuring real-life corporate problems. The IC therefore meets the needs of those students who are predominantly experimenting with different sectors, including the corporate ones, yet would like to learn more about the entrepreneurial mindset. Participating companies put forward unique and challenging dilemmas they face, and ask students to find innovative solutions rather than conventional cases. The event is also a two-way opportunity for both participants and partnering organizations; while companies receive various solutions to their proposed business problems and assess potential interns, participating students learn to face-, and solve complex corporate issues under time-pressure – a valuable experience that prepares them for their professional careers. Through the years, we’ve worked with Unilever, Stichting Verpakking en Milieu (SVM), PortXL, Erasmus University Rotterdam amongst many others!