Innovation Hackathon

ECE Students Innovation Hackathon

The ECE Innovation Hackathon is your opportunity to showcase your creative ideas and break the mold of how corporations come up with their ideas!

The Hackathon is a one day event in which students meet the corporate world and work on a real life business case that a company wants new insights on. The day will start with the company presenting a case for students to solve. You and your team will hopefully come up with some brilliant, world-altering and mind-boggling ideas (not really, we mostly aim for kind of innovative). You will then get to attend a few workshops including ideation and pitching, culminating in each team presenting their respective proposed course of action. A winner will be chosen by the company who has the chance to win a range of prizes.

Do you want to have the next big idea? Expand your network and get in contact with the corporate world? Come to our next Hackathon!

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