Rotterdam Science Tower

Here at ECE Students we are proud for our prestigious ECE Campus, located in the Rotterdam Science Tower. The Rotterdam Science Tower is the heart of the Rotterdam Innovation District, an experimental living and working environment for pioneers in the medical technology, food and cleantech clusters. Because of the vibrant entrepreneurial community, the ECE Campus is home to over 75 innovative companies in sectors ranging from fintech to port & logistics to healthcare.

The opportunities for ECE Students at the campus are endless. Traditionally we organize our most prominent event, the 24 Hour Business Game, and various other events, within the Rotterdam Science Tower. Accompanied with a spectacular view of the world renowned Port of Rotterdam, we a unique environment to get acquainted with Entrepreneurship. Besides our events, members of ECE Students are always greeted with open arms and are welcome to work there.

Erasmus Centre for Entrepreneurship

Our association was initially founded as a special project of Europe’s leading entrepreneurial accelerator, The Erasmus Centre for Entrepreneurship (ECE). ECE offers actionable executive training and development on entrepreneurship both to strategic board level and to innovation teams. We apply an integral perspective on corporate entrepreneurship because we fully understand the complexity of building and sustaining an entrepreneurship competence to create new business. This integral approach is the USP of ECE.

More information about ECE here.