Clean Tech Challenge

ECE Students Clean Tech Challenge

Interested in innovating clean technology business ideas? The CleanTech Challenge is a competition for entrepreneurial students throughout the country. It is organised together with YES!Delft Students and encourages student teams with interdisciplinary backgrounds to pitch and develop their concepts for a sustainable start-up. During the challenge, the participants shape their own sterile technology business ideas, in favour of solving some of the most pressing environmental issues. CleanTech includes a set of events and workshops during which the students, supported by executives from business as well as engineering industries, will brainstorm potential solutions to improving environmental conditions. Eventually they will pitch their final ideas to the judges to compete over the award at the finals. The winners will participate in the global CTC in London, which will be organised by the prestigious London Business School and University College London.

Do you see yourself standing in London after organising the Dutch CTC rounds of this competition?

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