Business Development Committee: Position Descriptions


Are you a highly motivated individual that loves to build connections with firms from all around the world? Do you constantly have a drive within you for more? Then this is the committee for you. Being a committee member of the business development committee, you will have the opportunity to build a network with highly reputable firms, which will last you your whole career. In doing so, you will become a LinkedIn master, soon you will find yourself having 500+ connections. Our Business Development committee will make sure that every event of ECE Students will be packed with cool speakers and companies. ECE Students has obtained a strong network over the past years within the Dutch entrepreneurial ecosystem and it will be your job to reach out to entrepreneurs, start-ups and corporates to build further on our foundation.


Position descriptions

Head of Business Development

Do you have the ambition to take your leadership skills to new heights? Become a Committee Head and get ready to make our events bigger and better than ever before! In this role, you will have the autonomy to practice delegation and leadership over a 4-6 person committee. You’ll be responsible for leading a team to create one of ECE Student’s most successful events. This position promises to be both a challenging and rewarding opportunity to grow in a professional and entrepreneurial environment!

We are looking for a Head of Business Development who is able to:

  • Strategise and make big decisions
  • Set strict internal-deadlines for tasks to be carried out in a timely-manner
  • Posses great time-management skills
  • Delegate responsibility in an equal and fair manner
  • Remain sensitive to the opinions and feelings of all members of your ream
  • Remain impartial and objective in decision making
  • Care about the punctuality and organisation of team meetings
  • Demonstrate prior experience in team management (prior experience is not necessary but very useful)

Your responsibilities would include:

  • Setting up the goals for your committee
  • Reaching out to leads generated by junior members
  • Properly allocating funding towards your event(s)
  • Scheduling, preparing, and leading meetings (using visual aids/agenda)
  • Setting the tone for work ethic for the committee (e.g. no phones, punctuality, snacks and breaks)
  • Creating a timeline of general internal deadlines throughout the year
  • Ensuring that tasks are allocated fairly and are done on time (send reminders, tasks list after each meeting)
  • Making sure minutes are taken at every meeting
  • Updating your board supervisor(s) every week on the progress of the committee

Workload: 8 hours per week


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Junior Business Developer

As Business Developer, you’ll be at the forefront of securing partnerships with some of the biggest start-ups and corporates in the Netherlands. If you have a knack for networking and enjoy talking to new people, you’ll be sure to find this role a rewarding experience. In this role, you will have the opportunity to develop a huge network as you work to land ECE Students the most valuable companies and speakers for our events!

We are looking for Junior Business Developers who are able to:

  • Maintain the current relationships of ECE Students
  • Foster professional relationships with new companies and contacts
  • Create a proposal that potential partners can’t refuse
  • Manage time effectively
  • Write and communicate in a professional manner
  • Develop strong interpersonal skills

Your responsibilities would include:

  • Develop strong interpersonal skills
  • Lead generation
  • Updating CRM & administrative tasks
  • Visualising an action plan for the acquisition of sponsors/speakers for the event(s) with the aid of the Chairperson
  • Writing email and LinkedIn templates to send to potential sponsors
  • Keeping up with the latest trends and finding companies by acting as start-up scout
  • Researching details regarding companies and contacts in order to personalise networking methods
  • Contacting companies through email, phone, LinkedIn and other social media
  • Write content for sponsorship booklet/brochure with aid of Chairperson
  • Maintaining responsibility for all further communication (throughout the academic year) with potential partners/contacts

Workload: 6 hours per week

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